What’s New at Area 1 Security? Ask our tech experts or your peers.

You’re a leader. A builder of vision and an explorer of solutions. You don’t need us to inspire you.

But what we can do is help facilitate networking opportunities between you and a current Area 1 customer. That, and share our insights on the world’s only advanced, pre-emptive cloud-native security solution to protect your company from threats.

We invite you to participate in either a complimentary technical consultation with an Area 1 Security technical expert, or a one-on-one conversation with an Area 1 Security customer.

What is the Tech Consult Program?

Tech Consult connects you with an Area 1 Security expert. Our elite team of experts includes engineers, product managers, customer success and security executives with over 150 combined years of cybersecurity experience.

During your session, we’ll be happy to discuss just about anything on your mind related to Email Security, Phishing, or the current threat landscape. Here are just a few potential topics to consider:

  • Current threat trends, actor techniques, and attacks
  • Insight into side-channel, vendor compromised or insider compromised attacks
  • Example BEC & Ransomware attacks and malicious phish being missed
  • Optimizing SOC workflows for end-user submissions, triage, and remediations
  • Ensuring an ‘Always-On’ Email service with business continuity

What is the Peer Connect Program?

Peer Connect is similar to Tech Consult, but instead of meeting with an Area 1 Security expert, you’ll have the opportunity to connect directly with an industry peer currently using Area 1 Security to protect their organization. Speak one-on-one with peers who understand the challenges you face each day as you work to stay ahead of attackers and adapt to the evolving threat landscape.

Meet with a peer to discuss:

  • The latest cyber attacks making headlines (and how to keep your organization safe)
  • Email security best practices
  • What it’s like to be an Area 1 Security customer
  • Real solutions for keeping phish out of your inbox
  • General cybersecurity tips and advice

This sounds amazing. How do I sign up?

Meeting with a technical expert or a peer is easy.

  • To meet a technical expert through our Tech Consult program, please visit here.
  • And to meet an Area 1 Security customer through our Peer Connect program, visit here.

Choose the program you’re most interested in or feel free to sign up for both. We can’t wait to help connect you soon!

About Area 1 Security-Cloud Email Security Company

Area 1 Security is the only cloud email security company that preemptively stops Business Email Compromise, malware, ransomware and targeted phishing attacks. By focusing on the earliest stages of an attack, Area 1 stops phish — the root cause of 95 percent of breaches — 24 days (on average) before they launch. Area 1 also offers the cybersecurity industry’s first and only performance-based pricing model, Pay-per-Phish.

Area 1 is trusted by Fortune 500 enterprises across financial services, healthcare, critical infrastructure and other industries, to preempt targeted phishing attacks, improve their cybersecurity posture, and change outcomes.

Area 1 is cloud-native, a Certified Microsoft Partner, and Google Cloud Technology Partner of the Year for Security. To learn more, visit www.area1security.com, follow us on LinkedIn, or subscribe to the Phish of the Week newsletter.