A New Era in Channel Revenue: Cloud Email Security

Every good run comes to an end. Such is the case for Secure Email Gateways (SEGs). Today, there is literally no need for the “G” in SEG as customers seek Cloud-Native infinitely scalable SaaS email security solutions. SEGs are dead – Long live Cloud Email Security!

With change, comes opportunity. Area 1 estimates that the total addressable market for partners to help migrate their customers onto cloud-native email security solutions is upwards of $10B. And channel partners can lead the way in the migration to the higher efficacy and lower cost of Cloud Email Security (CES) solutions.

I’m thrilled that today Area 1 Security announced its total commitment to the channel as we launched the Area 1 Security Partner Program. As many of you know, my history has been to develop the best, most loyal, most profitable channel programs possible. And I’m happy to drive that forward today with Area 1 Security. I invite you to be a part of it.

Why is there a transition in the market? Microsoft and Google have altered the landscape and integrated (for cheap) many SEG features. That has driven down costs and complexity. But SEGs are handicapped by several things. First, they are NOT truly cloud native. In an attempt to appear cloud native, they have virtualized their apps and have deployed in the cloud. But that is NOT cloud native and does not provide the scale or reliability of a truly cloud native solution. Virtualized SEGs also don’t offer the flexible cloud deployment options that CESs can (as the MX or more simply as an API). With that limitation, SEGs can’t provide full phishing protection – for example against Business Email Compromise – since they can’t see some of the critical indicators required to identify certain attacks. And worse, SEGs really want customers to pay for features already offered by Microsoft and Google, which just causes complexity without benefit and at higher costs.

In this migration to the cloud, the one thing that is a constant is the need for bulletproof security. Ninety-five percent of cyber attacks are initiated via email. So having a focused anti-phishing, anti-BEC layer of security that is NOT just MS and Google becomes the key paradigm shift (Gartner’s May 2020 “How to Reduce the Cost of Email Security Solutions”). Security is the one area where you can’t put all your eggs in one basket. And Area 1 has the best anti-phishing and anti-spam, email security solution.

Unlike SEGs, Area 1 Security was born in the cloud with a relentless vision for preventing phish. Our solution is a first-of-its-kind preemptive, accountable and best-in-class Cloud Email Security Solution that protects hundreds of the largest, most renowned brands (banks, manufacturers, airlines, retailers and more). Today, Area 1 is staking its future revenue growth in one area: strategic Channel partnerships. Building the best email security solution for VARs and MSSPs to efficiently deliver to Office 365 and G Suite cloud customers will guarantee greater access for businesses to stop the No. 1 cause of cybersecurity breaches: PHISHING!

So let’s talk! I have a 30-year history of committing to the channel. I believe the channel is the most important mechanism for security companies to bring key security solutions to customers. And I’d like to talk to you. I’d like to outline our profitable model, our resources, and our commitment. Together, we can help customers be more secure and save money. And, we can do it as we operate successfully and profitably. Join us. Join the Area 1 Security Partner Program.

To learn more about partnering with Area 1, register here for our August 13th webinar, “Increase Your Profitability with Area 1’s Cloud Email Security Solution,” featuring Patrick Sweeney, as well as Area 1’s Chief Revenue Officer Hussain Al-Shorafa, and Director of Channel Dawn Ringstaff.

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