Area 1 Security Is Honored to Be in the Forbes Cloud 100

We’ve always been really proud of being a cloud company. That’s why it’s an honor to be named by Forbes as a Rising Star on their Cloud 100 list.

The recognition by Forbes is a great way to cap our first year since launch. Our product has gotten better. And we’ve grown, both in staff and in the number of customers we have. We now keep major financial institutions and Fortune 500 companies safe, as well as small law firms and small businesses.

For Area 1 Security, the cloud is a necessity for our mission of stopping phishing attacks. There’s a technical side to this, in terms of processing and data storage, but there’s also a bigger goal, based on our mission of making the internet a safer place to live and work for everyone.

Sure the cloud helps us with the blinding fast processing we need to spot phishing attack in real time. And it’s a vital part of the computer vision we think will absolutely change the game for cybersecurity.

Being in the cloud liberates us from a lot of the drudgery (and expense) of assembling banks of computers and building infrastructure. We can be nimble and focus on our strong suit, which is writing great software to stop phishing attacks before they happen. We get to be an anti-phishing company and focus solely on protecting our customers.

That’s a huge plus, but the biggest advantage of the cloud is who we get to give our product to. We get to give the best cybersecurity product in the world to all our customers — regardless of how many employees they have or what kind of on-site state of the art equipment they own, or even how large their cybersecurity staff is.

The cloud is about democratizing access, about giving small companies and even individuals the same tools that the big players get. When you’re dealing with a problem like cybersecurity, that only makes sense. To be safe online, where we all trade information in long chains, we all need to be secure.

We get to go where companies operate now, in the cloud, which makes delivering our product cheaper than top of the line cybersecurity has ever been. It means installation and updates are so easy they’re almost automatic. And it means we can go where your employees are, at work, at home, and on the road. We can even follow problems down your supply chain to secure it.

It’s fantastic to be on the Forbes Cloud list, but this is 2017, if you don’t have the cloud in your DNA, you’re not reaching your potential.

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