Anti-Phishing Should Be On Your New Year’s Resolution List

2019 is off to a wonderful start, with employees returning relaxed and inspired from the holidays. But we all know the feeling of confronting a stuffed email inbox when we return. As we plow dutifully through these messages, we may not consciously realize that some emails are deceptive and malicious—out to trick us and benefit the bad guys. They want to get their hands on personal passwords, proprietary information, and banking data, so they can steal funds and trade secrets. The malware they deliver to your systems only compounds the damage.

Phish are cleverly designed to mimic trusted senders, impelling employees to click and enter confidential information. If you’ve been following recent media, you’ve probably seen the headlines about phishers posing as Microsoft, Apple, Netflix, or even a company’s own C-Level executives, urging employees to execute a quick call-to-action. All it takes is one errant click to cost your company incalculable, ongoing losses. So how do you stop returning employees from impulsively acting on these cunning requests?

Get Informed with Demo Wednesday

Demo Wednesday alerts you to the latest phishing trends and deceptive tactics that bad guys are using right now to capitalize on your employees’ vulnerabilities.

Area 1 Security’s protection is based on preventing phish from even reaching an employee inbox, to begin with. By adding powerful, cloud-based Artificial Intelligence capabilities to your own security infrastructure, Area 1 lets you detect, analyze, and block phishing attacks proactively in 2019.

Now is the ideal time to focus on stopping criminal enticements to click, and keeping your employees secure and productive as they return to their jobs.

Let’s talk about defeating phish attacks. See you on Wednesday!

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