What’s New in the Area 1 Horizon Portal


  • New reports are now available to all Area 1 Horizon customers including: Threat Origins, Malicious Senders, Threat Categories and Top Malicious Sender Domains.
  • Updates to the Horizon dashboard UI help email security teams prioritize phishing attack analysis/response more efficiently.
  • Get a sneak preview of what’s coming next for the anti-phishing solution that GigaOm Research recently said is a “no brainer” for deploying ahead of any other vendor’s Secure Email Gateway.

We here on the Product Team wanted to reach out to all of our great customers to share a running update as to what is new in the Area 1 Horizon dashboard, as well as a few hints on new features to be on the lookout for in the coming months.

Introducing ::Dramatic Pause:: The Product Update Blog!

(Apologies for my corny attempt at hype building). On to the product!

First, we want to show off our new reports!

As part of our focus in 2021 to continuously enrich our reporting and data, we are giving customers better visibility into what they want to see most. Our new Threat Origins report, customized for each of our customers, shows the originating city and country of phishing attacks.

For example, our Malicious Threat Types report shows a breakdown by attack type based on the total malicious emails seen by Area 1. This helps answer the question of “Which phish are we being attacked by?”

Additionally, our Malicious Sender and Top Malicious Sending Domains report helps illustrate which domains and attackers are the top malicious threats to your organization.

You can read more about how simple it is for attackers to register and use new domains for phishing campaigns here (hint: even one of your favorite non-profits could be exploited).

Coming soon will be additional map searching capabilities to show the malicious emails directly corresponding to the attack location. Look for additional threat reporting improvements throughout the next few months as well.

By the way, if you are not currently an Area 1 customer, you can still request your own custom Phishing Risk Assessment. During the assessment, you’ll have full access to the Area 1 dashboard, where we’ll help you identify and quantify the types and origins of phishing attacks that are getting past your current email defenses.

Next, check out the refreshed design of our Area 1 Horizon portal!

As noted in the recent GigaOm Radar for Phishing Prevention and Detection (an in-depth assessment of 14 different vendors’ anti-phishing capabilities), our solution received the highest possible rating (+++) for Analytics and Ease of Use.

We are always looking to improve the Area 1 user experience, and make it simpler for customers to explore and understand our anti-phishing reporting and metrics. Our new color palette improves readability and helps to quickly differentiate various dispositions, so security teams can prioritize more efficiently.

The platform (now with an enhanced color palette that will continue to be pushed throughout the product), continues to provide:

  • A complete snapshot of the total number of Phishing attacks across an organization inclusive of Email, Web, Network phishing;
  • Drill-down granular reports that go into attacks seen across each of these traffic types, users, executives, attack types, Spoofs, BEC attacks, Campaigns, Actors and more;
  • Custom reporting options through SIEM integration where customers can get their own API-based detection logs and build reports that they deem fit for their consumption;
  • Rapid faceted and unfaceted search for quick access to messages, metadata, campaign context & detections; and
  • API-based access to metrics for customized reports and dashboards.

Coming features within the UI in the coming months will also include the addition of Widescreen support for search results, as well as Dark Mode. (Hey, if Google Search on desktop is finally getting a dark mode this year, so can we).

Additional Area 1 fun stuff.

We at Area 1 are constantly updating our advanced models to keep up with the latest phishing attack trends. We are also utilizing our models to better tackle the issue of Spam so our customers can further protect themselves from the never-ending annoyance of Spam messages still getting past their cloud email or email gateway filters.

As always, if you have any cool ideas or features you’d like to see that we should know about, please reach out to your Area 1 account team. Let your voice be heard! After all, we normally make roughly 400 product updates each quarter — and customers are the most important voice in our Product team. As always thank you all for your ideas and feedback!

Until next time,

Area 1 Product Team

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Kevin Wilson

Senior Product Manager at Area 1

Kevin Wilson is a Sr. Product Manager at Area 1 Security. Throughout his 14 years in Cyber Security, Kevin has been an Analyst and Engineer in various organizations such as the U.S Navy, First Data, and Lowe’s. Previously he served as the Global Information Security Officer at Guess? Inc as well as a Product Manager for McAfee.

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