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Area 1: How Phish are Done

How do you build a company that stops cyberattacks? You start with a simple purpose: Stop Phishing.

Phishing emails may represent a small share of traffic, but they’re the root cause of 95% of damages in cybersecurity incidents. Whether it’s malware, BEC, ransomware, or the rest of a long list, the root cause of loss nearly always starts with a phish. For bad actors, breaching is easy: one click on an email is all it takes.

Phishing attacks always bypass Cloud email and legacy Secure Email Gateways (SEGs). So at Area 1, we developed an entirely new and unique approach to battling attacks. We follow, find, and finish off phish before they can reach your users’ inboxes.

Who We Are

Founded 2014
Led by NSA Alumni.
Funded by top VCS.

Built to Scale
4.1B messages processed.
Growing > 150% /year

Trusted Worldwide

17 Patents
Advanced threat detection

Our Investors

Behind Area 1 Security, you’ll find top tier investors and industry leaders.

The solution for phish won’t come in the form of SEGs or end-user human judgment. Instead, automation and better machines must be the solution for approaching cyber attacks for what they actually are: routine assembly line operations, neither extraordinary nor insurmountable to defeat.

Co-founder & Chairman | Area 1 Security

Our Inspiration

Area 1 is rooted in our founders’ experience in national security — including gaining advanced insight into potential missile strikes to preempt those attacks before launch. In other words — preempting attacks while in enemy territory.

This proactive approach, when applied to cybersecurity, shifts the email security industry paradigm.

You can no longer afford to get Phished first, then respond after. Area 1’s enhanced detection models go into the wild to preemptively detect and thwart sophisticated attacks like Business Email Compromise, malware, credential harvesting, and other financial fraud that evade email gateways (SEGs) and cloud email suites.

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Our Approach

Unlike SEGs, cloud email suites, sender authentication standards and user awareness programs, Area 1 preemptively tracks phishing campaigns in their formative stages—while they are being built.

That’s how we enable you to stop phishing campaigns before they reach your users—and before bad actors gain access to your sensitive data.

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Trusted by Global Leaders

Area 1 is the leading pure-play anti-phishing service. Our customers range from early stage leaders, to  global Fortune 500 enterprises, to U.S. Presidential and Senatorial campaigns; our customer satisfaction consistently measures better than 98 percent.

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The Defense You Deserve

Area 1 is the only security provider that dares to focus on accountability: Pay only for the phish we catch. Period.

With Area 1’s Pay-Per-Phish pricing model, you’ll experience the industry’s first and only accountable, performance-based protection to stop phishing attacks.

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Patrick Sweeney

CEO and President

Oren J. Falkowitz

Founder and Chairman of the Board

Blake Darché

CSO and Co-founder

Phil Syme

CTO and Co-founder

Steve Pataky

Chief Revenue Officer

Shalabh Mohan

VP, Products & Marketing

Paul East

VP, Engineering

Hussain Al-Shorafa

VP, Sales (Americas)

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