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The Email Security Pitfalls that Weaken Your Cybersecurity Posture

The “Seven CISOs You Meet in Hell” are the CISOs that fail to learn from history’s mistakes … who stay stuck in common cybersecurity pitfalls, instead of strengthening their cybersecurity posture.

Want to avoid cybersecurity hell?

Then join Area 1’s CSO, Blake Darché — a counterintelligence expert who worked at the NSA during the Great Recession — to learn about leading with a cloud-first strategy.

You’ll learn:

  • The seven email security pitfalls that worsen a company’s cybersecurity posture
  • Real examples of how Fortune 500 organizations use the cloud to avoid breaches that are common in their industries
  • How Google-like web crawling capabilities and small pattern predictions make preventing cyberattacks a reality, now

Cybercrime flourishes during recessions. Although recent PwC polling suggests that security won’t be first on 2020’s budget chopping blocks, morale is low — and you can seize the opportunity to lead now.


Blake J. Darché

Co-Founder and the Chief Security Officer at Area 1

Blake J. Darché is a Co-Founder and the Chief Security Officer at Area 1 Security. Prior to this, he worked at CrowdStrike as a Principal Consultant, and at the National Security Agency as a Computer Network Exploitation Analyst. Blake holds an MS degree in Security Informatics from The Johns Hopkins University and a BS in Information Technology from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Blake has built his career across a range of information security skill areas, including experience in both offense and defense.


Shalabh Mohan

VP, Product at Area 1

With a career spanning 20 years fighting bad guys online, Shalabh leads all product and go-to-market functions at Area 1 Security, with extensive prior experience across security, enterprise, and cloud infrastructure companies such as Aspen Networks, IronPort Systems, Cisco and Bracket Computing. Shalabh and his teams have taken products from conception all the way to large scale businesses; and in the process have consistently helped make the Internet a safer place. An alumnus of Stanford University and the University of Texas at Austin, Shalabh holds five patents and can claim to know something about enterprise infrastructure and security.


Kevin Wilson

Sr. Product Manager at Area 1

Throughout his 14 year in Cyber Security, Kevin has been an Analyst and Engineer in various organizations such as the U.S Navy, First Data, and Lowe’s. Previously he served as the Global Information Security Officer at Guess? Inc as well as a Product Manager for McAfee.

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Phishing and BEC are the number 1 problems we're solving with Area 1, both internally and for our customers. The native capabilities of Gsuite and O365 just aren't there, so having something like Area 1 in place has been a huge benefit to reducing risk and increasing productivity.

Jennifer Greulich
SVP, Security Operations, Legato Security

The thing I like most about Area 1 Security is that they help you understand exactly what kind of threats are looming out there in the world ... you can educate your team on current and real time threats to watch out for.

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