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With an ever-changing threat landscape, how can security leaders best prioritize projects to reduce cyber risk? Facing this challenge head-on, Zack Moody, GlobalHead of Cybersecurity & Privacy for AVX, a leading manufacturer of advanced electronic components, looked to solve for the threat at the root of 95% of damaging cyber breaches, phishing attacks. Register for this webinar and hear how AVX:

  • Blocks over 10,000 phishing attempts annually, reducing cybersecurity risk and IT fire drills.
  • Gets global insight into threats targeting the company.
  • Provides quarterly cyber security reporting to executives and the board, including the number and types of attacks blocked, and the ROI for anti-phishing security.
  • Maintains management confidence that cloud-based email is secure.
  • Integrates the most advanced anti-phishing controls

“Area 1 Security has been accountable to us as a partner, meaning that they take a lot of ownership and they take a lot of heart into what we’re doing as a company.”

Zack Moody, Global Head of Cybersecurity & Privacy AVX


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