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SEGs, cloud email and DMARC struggle against the most sophisticated phishing attacks. Area 1 is the only company that preemptively blocks Type 1-3 BEC phishing, and other highly targeted attacks.

Existing technologies analyze threat data only when the attacks are already in progress. As we’ve seen with companies like SolarWinds and Colonial Pipeline, that’s too late.

Join Oren Falkowitz, Area 1 Cofounder, for this special live threat briefing to hear

Listen to learn:

  • In-depth analysis of the latest attacks on SolarWinds, the Colonial Pipeline and more
  • The role phishing plays in Ransomware attacks
  • How Area 1 discovers, detects and prevents attacks early in the cycle, before they become large-scale campaigns
  • How Area 1 gives you a critical time advantage – approximately 24 days ahead of industry benchmarks – to stop these attacks

Oren Falkowitz

Cofounder, Area 1 Security


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