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Your supply chain partners represent a significant cyber risk – demonstrated recently by the FireEye and SolarWinds breaches. More attackers are exploiting an organization’s suppliers, partners, and vendors to launch phishing campaigns (the No. 1 source of breaches). These new tactics bypass cloud email defenses, legacy email gateways and email authentication standards.

Mitigating breaches from a compromised supply chain requires a new approach to securing your third-party cloud and digital communications.

In this session, Area 1 Security’s Senior Threat Researcher, Juliette Cash, and Director of Sales Engineering, Dom Yip, will show the real-world tactics attackers use to infiltrate an organization’s digital ecosystem, and practical steps for preventing these supply-chain threats before you get breached.

Join the session to learn:

  • The seven common supply chain-based attack methods including partner spoofing, Business Email Compromise, new domain campaigns, malicious URLs and more.

  • Real examples of supply chain phishing attacks and the methods attackers use at every step of the cyber kill chain.

  • The advanced, cloud-native email security techniques that proactively block these attacks in progress.


Dominic Yip

Director of Sales Engineering

Area 1 Security’s Dominic Yip brings over 15 years of networking and security systems engineering expertise, including key engineering roles for Cisco and IronPort. At Area 1, he ensures that some of the world’s most sophisticated organizations — including Fortune 500 banks, insurance companies, airlines and healthcare providers — are protected from targeted phishing attacks.


Juliette Cash

Senior Threat Researcher

Juliette Cash is a passionate information security professional with 15 years experience in technical consulting, computer network operations, and cyber threat analysis and research. She has dedicated her career to tracking and defending against highly sophisticated threats to protect both the public and private sectors, including the United States Intelligence Community and the world’s top Fortune 500 companies. As Area 1’s Senior Threat Researcher, Juliette leads the charge in advanced hunting, collection operations support, technical analysis of intrusion activity, and the development of innovative detection techniques that defend against complex and evolving security threats.


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