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SEG, Cloud Email Users Successfully Targeted by COVID-19 Phishing: What to Know Now

Playing on growing fears of the novel coronavirus known as COVID-19, threat actors are deploying next-gen phishing attacks that successfully infiltrate Cloud inboxes, and get past SEGs and DMARC defenses.

Before your security-aware employees fall victim to data theft, rogue financial transactions and other phishing damages, join this important security briefing with Area 1’s leading cyber threat researcher, to:

  • Identify the characteristics of COVID-19 phishing attacks and the key attributes that make them effective
  • Understand how these email- and web-based attacks can be blocked preemptively, before they cause harm
  • Develop a strategy that enables SOC teams to focus on the most critical cybersecurity threats during this crisis

Juliette Cash

Area 1 Security | Senior Threat Researcher

Juliette Cash is a passionate information security professional with 15 years experience in technical consulting, computer network operations, and cyber threat analysis and research. She has dedicated her career to tracking and defending against highly sophisticated threats to protect both the public and private sectors, including the United States Intelligence Community and the world’s top Fortune 500 companies. As Area 1’s Senior Threat Researcher, Juliette leads the charge in advanced hunting, collection operations support, technical analysis of intrusion activity, and the development of innovative detection techniques that defend against complex and evolving security threats.


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