AVX Case Study

Throughout the past 50 years, AVX Corporation has innovated, developed, manufactured, and supplied critical components and solutions for the global automotive, industrial, medical, military, consumer electronics, communications, and transportation markets, building a successful business with over $1.5 billion annual revenue.

The AVX IT infrastructure is globally distributed across many sites that use diverse, and in some cases aging technology to support the business, complicating cybersecurity. One successful breach anywhere on the network could quickly spread enterprise-wide, leading to unauthorized disclosure of confidential information and loss or damage of intellectual property. This could hurt the company’s reputation and brand for years to come.

The AVX cybersecurity team recognized that phishing attacks are the primary cause of cybersecurity breaches, and therefore placed anti-phishing as a top priority to reduce risk. AVX was currently using G Suite to provide company-wide office productivity applications, including email, relying entirely on G Suite’s security features to protect itself from email phishing attacks. Fortifying G Suite security not only defends against phishing attacks but also helps to achieve the goal of reducing cybersecurity risk globally.

Gmail Flow Diagram

Area 1 Security is now scanning AVX’s inbound email continuously to detect and block phishing attacks, resulting in:

  • Over 1,000 phishing emails blocked per week
  • Global reduction of cybersecurity risk
  • Increased management confidence that inboxes are secure

To learn more, read the case study.